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    Clean Kings are a provider of premium detailing supplies across the UK. At Clean Kings, we pride ourselves on providing only the best car cleaning products on the market. All of the products we stock in our detailing store are products we trust to protect our own vehicles. Not only that, our user friendly website makes it easy to browse and order your favourite detailing products right to your door, this is something that frustrated us about the industry previously and in part, inspired us to do it ourselves! With core brands including Chemical Guys, Koch Chemie and ODK you can rest assured you are receiving only the best detailing products to keep your pride and joy clean and protected. Whether you are looking for a quick top up of your favourite shampoo or need a full cleaning kit you can find what you need on our website from wheel cleaners and snowfoam to air fresheners and tyre shine. If you need any assistance with finding the right product for your needs do not hesitate to email us using the contact form or simply message us on Facebook

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