ODK Product Review

20th August 2018

Recently we sent a few ODK products to our favourite detailing YouTuber Paul Dolden. His mission was to do a video and give an impartial review on his thoughts. We sent him three products to try out which were ODK Sublime Shampoo, ODK Attire Tyre & Trim Dressing and the new ODK Glass Cleaner ‘Optics’. We’re pleased to announce his video has now gone live and you can here his thoughts on the products throughout the video!

Overall Paul was impressed with the products, particularly Optics Glass Cleaner (as is everyone else that tries it!) and was also impressed with the shampoo’s gloss enhancing capabilities and the finish left by the tyre and trim dressing.

What do you think to Paul’s review? Enough to sway you to try it for yourself? If so you can find the products in the ODK section of our website. You can also find the individual products below:

Optics Glass Cleaner – Buy here

Sublime Shampoo – Buy here

Attire Tyre & Trim Dressing – Buy here

Don’t forget if you spend £50 or more on your order you will get FREE DELIVERY!

Finally, a massive thanks to Paul for taking the time to put this video together and share his thoughts, it’s great to here things from an impartial point of view and helps us work together with brands and manufacturers to listen and improve the products available.