Butter Wet Wax

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  • Easy to use
  • Carnuba based
  • Can be applied by hand or machine
  • No cure time
  • Gives a deep glossy shine

Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax is a liquid based carnuba wax designed to work on all paint types, whether old, new, light or dark. Butter Wet Wax is 100% carnuba based and gives months of protection. The product can be applied by hand or machine and once applied melts straight onto the paint giving instant protection, meaning no cure time is needed, as soon as you’ve applied it to a panel, you can buff it off. Butter Wet Wax will provide your vehicle with brilliant protection at a fraction of the cost of many waxes.

How to use

Simply apply butter wet wax to your vehicle using a microfibre applicator pad and work into the paint. Once you have covered the panel with the wax, simply use a plush microfibre towel to buff off any residue and stand back and admire the deep gloss finish.