Hex Logic Pad – Orange – Medium / Heavy Cut

  • Perfect for medium – heavy cutting
  • 5.5inch pad
  • Unique Hex Logic Grooves for even spread

Chemical Guys Hex Logic pads are highly recommended and are the go-to for many detailers. These pads are perfect for giving your vehicles paintwork a new lease of life. The orange pad is for medium – heavy cutting and helps remove swirling, oxidation, scratches and various defects from your vehicles bodywork. The 5.5 inch pad features unique hex-logic grooves to help with an even spread of product.

How to Use

Prime pad with a spray of water or quick detailer and apply a few pea sized spots of polish to the pad. Dab the pad across the area you are working to spread the product. Working at a low speed, spread the product across the area working the product in. Slowly build up speed and work the product until you are happy with the finish. Buff off excess polish with a clean microfiber cloth.