Mr Pink Super Suds Shampoo

  • Super Foaming
  • Wax Safe
  • Remarkable Cleaning
  • Smells Amazing

Formulated using advanced foaming technologies Chemical Guys Mr Pink Super Suds shampoo used the latest innovations to ensure a satisfying wash. Mr Pink shampoo is perfect for those who love a high foaming shampoo which also boasts brilliant cleaning power. Thanks to the lubricity of the product it can safely lift away dirt and dust to help minimise the risk of swirling and scratches occurring during the wash stages of your cleaning cycle.

How to use

Add a couple of squirts of Mr Pink shampoo into a bucket and mix with warm water, use a pressure washer for extra suds. Allow your wash mitt to fully soak into the suds and absorb as much water as possible and gently apply to your vehicle. Once complete rinse off with a hose or pressure washer and dry with a microfibre towel.